Cut & Style



For Women / Men
Women Cut and Style
$ 50 & up
Women Set or Style
$ 28 & up
Men’s HairCut
$ 30 & up
For Youth
Young Ladies Cut and Style
$ 35 & up
Young Men’s Cut
$ 25 & up
Children 12 and Under
Child’s Cut
$ 20 & up
Child’s Cut and Dry
$ 25 & up
Child’s Hair styling
$ 25 & up


There are many different types of chemical Straighteners. Our stylist can recommend the procedure best suited to your hair type and requirement.

Artistic Hairstyles

On special occasions such as wedding, graduation or parties your hair should reflect the moments. We will custom design a style just for you that could be either up, down or partially up. When arriving for an updo appointment please have clean, dry hair. Complimentary consultation or trial run appointments for 15 minute are available.


Addicted to style? Experience our extremely high-end expert salon services at very reasonable prices. We specialize in personalized: short haircuts for men, women and children, hairstyles for medium hair length, hairstyles for thin hair, hair straightening in Southwest Calgary, Southeast Calgary and Downtown Calgary.
Each of our hairstylist and hairdressers expertise in combining extraordinary ability with a creative eye for the individuality to provide our clients the perfect cut as per their distinctive face structure and fashion quotient.