A Destination in Calgary for Hair Cutting Services for Entire Family

A Destination in Calgary for Hair Cutting Services for Entire Family
Posted on February 10, 2016 by strandshair • 0 Comments
Finding a good hair salon is absolutely necessary if you are particular about the way your hair looks. Finding one that caters to the entire family is even better. If you live in and around Downtown Calgary, your search for the perfect hair salon may have just gotten easier with the arrival of Stands, the hair, body and laser salon for the entire family. Strands provides its customers the very best when it comes to services for the hair.

Look and feel great – it all begins with a great haircut
Yes, that’s right. A haircut can determine the way you feel about yourself. Strands employs only it best experts for cutting services at its hair salon, and they come at affordable prices. They offer services that are personalized. In fact, some may say that they specialize in it. They understand that each one of their customers has unique needs and therefore this hair salon in Downtown Calgary has creative stylists who provide you with trendy and stylish hair cuts that suit your face structure and your fashion quotient. Whether you are looking for short haircuts or hairstyles for medium or thinning hair – this is the place to be.

Make that special day really special
Strands salon is not only about the haircuts. This hair salon is one of the most sought after in Downtown Calgary if you are looking for hair cutting services in South West and South East Calgary for perfect hair style or up do for a special day, then we are dedicated to making brides, graduating students, or just young ladies going out for a special evening, look truly spectacular. They offer a free consultation / trial run appointment which last 15 minutes. During this time, a style is custom designed for you depending on the occasion, what you will be wearing, and your face structure. They only ask that you go for your appointment with clean hair.

A lot more…
Apart for fabulous haircuts and hair styles, Strands also offers its customers a wide variety of services for the hair. Hair perms, straightening, color and highlight and hair extensions to name a few. The salon uses only the best products in the market. Their style experts study your hair and recommend products that are best suited to it. In other words you are guaranteed great results.

If you’re looking for a great hair makeover and you live around Downtown Calgary, look no further. The stylists at Stands have every tool in the book to give you that head of crowning glory. Experience it to believe it – try them out today!

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