Everything you need to know about brow and lash tinting Calgary

The process of tinting involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the brows and lashes. The dye used for brow and lash tinting Calgary is safe and the shade would depend very much on the hair color you choose. Whether you want to achieve a natural or a more dramatic look would matter significantly in this method.

The tint usually lasts for about three to four weeks depending on the extent to which you take care of it. It will last longer if you remember to keep your brows well moisturized and avoid using oil-based cleansers.

The tinting process

The experts apply the dye to the brows and upper and lower lashes very carefully. After considerable time, they will rinse out the dye to leave you with freshly tinted darker brows and lashes. Performing the tinting process on your own can be a very risky task as the application of dye is very close to the eye.

Benefits of tinting

Time saver: Brow and lash tinting Calgary gives your desired shade, which results in a considerable cut down on the time that you would otherwise be spending on lining your brow with an eyebrow pencil. You may also be able to skip the mascara.

Quick Procedure: The process of tinting your eyelash and eyebrows is very quick and takes only about thirty minutes or even less.

Natural looks: Brow and lash tinting Calgary gives natural-looking brows and lashes. This is possible because the dye used is usually darker than the natural hair. This, in turn, eliminates the drawn-on appearance.

To conclude, if you have a busy lifestyle or simply want to look and feel amazing without having to apply makeup every day, then tinting is the right option for you. Strandshair is the best destination to visit if you wish to seek tinting treatment for your brows or to know more about this treatment.

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