Hair: Love it or Get Rid Of it

The hair is one of the most intriguing assets we humans possess. We want incredible luxurious healthy hair – on our heads but we want to get rid of all our body hair everywhere else. Read on to find out the best treatments available for hair removal and hair grooming.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Beginners

With threading, waxing and shaving, the results are clean and effective, but they last for a very short time. Laser hair removal in Calgary or in other locations is gaining popularity because it permanently does away with unwanted hair. But there are a couple of things to pay attention to before you get one done. Don’t wax or shave before the day of the treatment since you won’t be able to achieve the best results. Laser treatment can destroy only about 80% of your hair follicles which makes it a great choice for those with darker hair or darker skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone, you may need to go through several sessions before you can enjoy silky smooth hairless skin. Avoid using beauty products on the skin before the treatment so that the chemicals in these products don’t react negatively, causing pigmentation or skin irritation. While it’s normal to experience some amount of swelling post the treatment, find out how best you can treat the inflamed area. Removal of hair can leave our skin vulnerable, so stay away from direct sunlight and always wear a generous application of sunscreen.

Hair Care after a Haircut

So you’ve got yourself a stellar haircut at the women’s or men’s hair salon in Calgary. Here are some insider tips to taking care of your mane once you’re back home. Remember, there are a few things in your daily maintenance routine that can make your new do last. Don’t over-wash your hair, or you’ll lose the natural luster and shine. Use a comb to set and adjust the style, not your fingers. Styling often causes hair to twist and turn frizzy. Conditioning is key to restoring shine, manageability, and style. Plus, it helps to de-frizz the hair after washing. While rinsing, be gentle with your hair. Wet hair is vulnerable and can easily break. Either tie up your hair in a towel or leave it open to air dry. Don’t attempt to comb it or tug at it. Use a couple of drops of serum to make your hair light, shiny and manageable. Don’t tie your hair when it’s wet, not only will it cause breakages, but it also upsets the shape and style. Talk to your beautician and find out what products you can use to maintain your hairstyle.

So, whether it’s a haircut at Calgary women’s salon or a laser hair removal treatment, be sure to do your research to ensure the very best results.

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