Newer Salon Trends for the New Age Woman

So you’ve had numerous appointments at the salon. Money and time have been spent on tweezing, waxing, grooming and make up. With new trends such as permanent makeup and laser hair removal treatments in Calgary, you can achieve better results for longer periods of time.

Permanent Makeup: The Modern Woman’s Solution

Permanent makeup is a tattoo- like procedure that can draw eyebrows, create blushed cheekbones and colour your lips. This micropigmentation process is great for women who don’t have the skill to put on their makeup flawlessly every single day.  Independent, busy working women can look their best without having to compromise on time by opting for permanent makeup. Studies show that an average woman spends a lot on makeup products and salon visits through her entire lifetime. Getting your permanent makeup done in Calgary is like an investment that can be quite a money saver. If you have sensitive skin, most skin and makeup products need to be avoided. To avoid allergies, rough skin, eczema or breakouts, choose to get a permanent makeup procedure done and you’ll be doing your beautiful skin a favour. Our bodie need a bit of help as we age especially since our eyebrows and eyelashes become thinner and our lips less full. With permanent makeup youll wake up looking beautiful and feeling it and it will definitely add to your confidence. You no longer have to fear getting wet in the rain, crying, jumping into a pool or sweating at the gym. With permanent makeup, you will always be good to go without any smearing.

Laser Hair Removal: Silky Smooth Skin Always

Getting rid of face and body hair is the predicament of most women these days. Laser hair treatment can cost more than razors and waxing strips but it is definitely worth it. Not only does the hair stay away longer but it leaves your skin feeling so good. The most important thing to know about this treatment is that it causes minimal side effects which include a bit of redness, swelling and discomfort for a few days. If you calculate the constant money spent on razors wax treatments and tweezing procedures, it costs more than a laser hair treatment in the long run.  Laser hair removal in Calgary can be done without having to wait for your hair to grow out between treatments. It also doesn’t result in ingrown hairs, stubble or stray hair popping up in different parts of the body. When the hair does grow back, it is usually thin and sparse. The entire procedure leaves your skin free of bruises, cuts and pain. Unlike waxing, there’s no fear of getting burnt.

Whether its permanent makeup in Calgary or laser hair removal, newer salon techniques and trends have evolved to adapt and keep up with the modern woman and her lifestyle.

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