Why Do You Need Lash Tinting?

If you have very fine eyebrows and eyelashes then tinting is the best way to have shaped and thick lashes. Several hair salons provide brow and lash tinting in Calgary amongst several other treatments that solve your hair woes and boost your confidence. Tinting is a hair treatment technique that enhances, defines and shapes your brows and lashes. If you have fine lashes, then this technique will darken the inner core of the brow where the hair is less dense. The process is executed by applying semi-permanent dye that elongates the brow line and brow tail to give you the ideal shape. Read on to find out why tinting is the ideal treatment for fine brow and lashes.

Provides a tailored look

Every face shape is different. Therefore, several salons including women’s or men’s hair salons in Calgary and other cities customize the lash and brow tinting procedures for each individual. The stylists create a look based on not just your face shape and several other factors. It includes factors like your skin tone, shape of your forehead and the color and texture of your hair. Thus, you need to select a salon that has a wide variety of colored tints available to widen your options. Tinted eyebrows and lashes accentuate your looks and help you achieve a naturally striking appearance. You can also get other services such as eyebrow waxing to get a sharper overall appeal.

Provides an enhanced look

While products like lash extensions are easily detectable, tinting enhances your natural appearance. It fills in the lesser dense areas of the inner core of your brows and lashes. This treatment gives you brows and lashes without the worries of a ‘drawn on look.’ Brow and lash tinting in Calgary offer some of the best tinting treatments across Canada! These salons carry out the process by cleansing the area and brushing the eyebrows. The desired shape is then mapped and cream is applied around the brows. This cream acts as a barrier and prevents staining beyond the marked borders. Finally, the tint is applied across the mapped area.

Provides long lasting results

Mascaras or eyebrow colors are easily washed off. Therefore, these need to be drawn on every time you decide to step out. However, tinting lasts for a significantly longer period. Thus, it proves to be versatile as it removes the hassles of constant application. Experts that offer brow and lash tinting in Calgary use vegetable dyes that prevent any side effects of harmful chemicals. However, the life of your tint is also dependent on some of your habits. You’ll need to ensure that the tinted area does not get wet for at least 12 hours after the process. Apart from this, you should not scrub the area hard, but use a mild facewash and make-up remover and restrict your exposure to the sun.

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