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Body Sugaring & Waxing

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Body Sugaring & Waxing

No matter whether you’re looking for body sugaring, full body waxing or eyebrow waxing, consider Stands Hair salon for the most luxe experience with minimum discomfort. Under our beauty services, we offer body sugaring Calgary, Brazilian sugaring, eyebrow waxing, face sugaring, underarm sugaring, and men’s waxing services in Southwest, Southeast Calgary.

Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing removes hair from the roots, leaving the skin soft smooth. Please allow a minimum hair growth of 1/4″ before wax treatments. Clients using Accutane or Retinol should avoid all waxing.


Here’re some reasons why everyone love Strands Hair salon:

  • We use 100% natural products for body sugaring instead of artificial items, chemicals, or invasive techniques.
  • We ensure for super smooth results by removing hair from the root.
  • Our experts are insanely focused to make your body sugaring and waxing session as comfortable as possible.
  • We give special preference to the sensitive skin-friendly products to ensure minimum redness/irritation after your treatment.
  • We maintain the extremely hygienic atmosphere at Strands Hair salon to minimize any chance of skin reaction.
  • During the body waxing, we apply a unique sugar paste formulation that gently exfoliates only dead skin cells and you’re left with a much clear and soft skin. Our experts try to be as gentle as possible when it comes to delicate skin tissue areas like eyebrows and bikini.
  • All the products we use at Stands Hair salon are made of safe ingredients, free of artificial fragrance, artificial color and parabens.

At Strands Hair, we are much focused to use exclusive waxing techniques that bring you the most comfortable experience possible.

Waxing and Sugaring Cost


$ 15 & up
$ 18 & up
$ 20 & up
Half Arms
$ 25 & up
Full Arms
$ 35 & up
Lower Half Legs (incl. Knee)
$ 35 & up
Upper Half Legs
$ 40 & up
Full Legs
$ 70 & up
$ 35 & up
Chest or Back
$ 50 & up
$ 80 & up