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We understand that you may not always have the time to get a facial. This is why we recommend Eminence facials, made with the finest blend of naturally occurring ingredients, hand-picked and guaranteed to leave your skin glowing.

Eminence’s Best Organic Care
Eminence facials are designed for every type of skin, and we at Strands Hair have them for both men and women. Using only the best extracts of plants, and made without any heating or hydrogeneration, Eminence’s products are known for their all-natural freshness, with seed, pulp and peels working their magic on your skin to make it positively radiant. For those too busy to spare time for a proper facial, our Eminence experts recommend the Organic Express Facial, designed to give you the basics of cleansing, exfoliating, toner, one masque, serum, moisturizer and SPF, all in the space of forty minutes.

Kinds of Eminence Facial Treatments
For those who are stressed, we recommend the white clay and Thai fruit extract Royal Orchid Thai facial treatment, which lasts 120 minutes and leaves your skin feeling bright and with improved levels of circulation. We know how much the city’s grime and pollution can affect your skin, and for this, we suggest taking the anti-stress facial treatment. Using a high concentration of vitamins, this facial uses a deep cleanse and exfoliation to soften and repair the skin and protect it from any stress. At Strands Hair we also have special facials for dry and sensitive skin, such as the fresh gel mask, which uses castor oil to restore the skin to its former suppleness. We recommend a calming facial for those with sensitive skin who need skin cleansing and relaxing. A very popular facial treatment with us is the eye facial treatment, for decreasing wrinkles and moisturizing skin with jojoba oil. Finally, we also offer grooming facials for men, which combine purifying, deep cleansing and anti-aging all into one. Especially good for men whose skin is sensitive to frequent shaving and elemental exposure, we guarantee that we’ll have your skin looking rejuvenated and healthy in no time.

Will Eminence Facials Work for my Skin?
At Strands Hair, we understand that each person has a different skin types, and we have experts who are trained to handle facial treatments for different types of skin. We invite you to try out our range of facial treatments using Eminence pure organic skin care products, and immediately see a difference in your skin, whether it be dry or sensitive skin, prematurely ageing skin, or simply skin that has lost its radiance.

Come experience skin that feels soft and rejuvenated and leaves you with an overall feeling of well-being and calmness, with our Eminence facials. Book an appointment today!

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