Hair Perming

Hair Perming Cost

Regular Perm Rap $ 110 & up
Volume Treatment $ 90 & up
Speciality – Perm Rap $ 130 & up
Chemical Straightening $ 300 & up
Artistic Hair Styles
MAX. 1 hour Appointment $ 80 & up
MAX. 1 1/2 hour Appointment $ 70 & up
MAX. 2 hour Appointment $ 80 & up

Permanent waves (commonly called a perm) can be tight spiral curls or soft volume waves to relax out of your hair. We are able to customize just the right amount of volume, body, wave or curl to create the look you are wanting.

Give your hair a new and trendy look with perms done in Strands Hair at South West, South East and Downtown Calgary. We are able to customize the right mix of perms or waves as per your choice. So do not wait just feel the change

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