Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Cost

Eyebrow Feather & Solid $ 600 & up
Eyeline Top & Bottom $ 350 & 550
Eyebrow & Top Eyeliner $ 800 & up
Fall Lips $ 500 & up
Lip Liner $ 400 & up
Areolaone & Both $ 500 & 800

The concept of permanent makeup has taken the world by storm it is no different in Calgary. We now offer all of our customers across SW and SE, Calgary Alberta, the best in class services.

What is permanent makeup?
It is a cosmetic procedure carried out with the help of tattooing. It gives the effect of conventional cosmetics round the clock. It makes your face look prettier and younger without any kind of cosmetic surgery. It also saves time and effort. While the concept of permanent makeup may seem like a luxury at first, for a lot of our customers it isn’t. This type of procedure is very useful for women who are allergic to conventional makeup products, women who cannot see well or for patients who suffer from an illness that affects their motor skills. Permanent makeup can also be very useful to patients suffering from vitiligo and other light scars as it puts color back into the skin. It is also a great method to replace lost hair and stimulate growth, especially in the case of cancer and alopecia patients.

Make up for almost everything
The most important aspect that one should keep in mind is that choosing the right technician is the most important decision you will take when opting for a treatment such as this. All of our technicians are well qualified and experienced in all the procedures that we offer. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts and we will give your eyebrows, lips, eyeline and other features a permanent beauty. All of our treatment is carried out with world class equipment and under the most stringent processes to ensure that there are no complications. Irrespective of your reason to opt for permanent makeup, your solution lies with us. Call us today and forever change the way you look at makeup.

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