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If you’re living in Calgary and suffering from thinning eyebrows, or if you just want to look your best effortlessly, any time, without the hassle of makeup, then microblading is for you. At Strands Hair salon, we give you flawless looking eyebrows that you will love so much, you’ll say good bye to those brow products forever!

How Does Microblading Work?
Microblading, also known by its other names: feather touch, microstroking, and eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent makeup form that uses fine deposits of cosmetic pigmentation manually implanted just below the surface of the skin, to give the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows. The process uses tiny, sterile disposable needles to produce this appearance. We apply each microblading stroke individually, allowing us to control the shape and thickness of the eyebrows. Microblading can be used to improve the appearance of thickness, or to fully reconstruct the eyebrows, giving it the desired shape and extension. Since microblading is a semi-permanent makeup form, the colour of the eyebrows will lighten over time and will need annual touch up sessions to keep them looking their best.

What Can I Expect?
Microblading is a two-session process usually spaced out over six to eight weeks. During the first session, we at Strands will analyze your skin and come up with a pigmentation blend that most suits your skin tone. Our eyebrow artist will create a custom colour that matches your natural brow and even use multiple shades to give a multidimensional effect that resembles real eyebrows. Then, the artist will outline your brows, giving you the shape that she will eventually work with. Next, our artist will use a state-of-the-art hand tool to make superficial cuts in and along your eyebrow line, into which the customized colour pigmentation will then be deposited. In the second session, we assess the body’s response to the initial colour and make adjustments so that the desired density and shape of the eyebrows are reached. After this, a touch up every year or so is all that is needed to keep your eyebrows looking gorgeous.

What Affects Microblading?
There are many factors affecting microblading. For one, different skin types absorb pigmentation at different rates. The slower the absorption, the longer the look lasts. Next, sun exposure can lighten the look of your eyebrows, so use plenty of sunscreen. Bleeding during the procedure can also affect the microblading procedure, and for this reason, blood thinners and other medication or beverages that cause thinning of blood, should be avoided just before the procedure.

There is no denying that a full and perfectly shaped eyebrow can enhance the look of your face like nothing else can. So book your appointment with Strands Hair today and get those perfect eyebrows!

Microblading Cost

$ 450 & Up

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